Re-Watching Anime

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Well on Saturday and Sunday I went to an Anime Con with some friends! It was really fun! :) I'm sad that I didn't post on those days telling you guys about it... But it was really fun and I'm glad I went! :D I got A TON of buttons! :D I love my buttons so much! :D SOO MUCH! Lol I also got a Pluashie that I loves so much!~ 
Anywho, since I went to that con, I decided that I am going to re-watch two of my favorite animes. I already re-watched my favorite anime this year, but now I am working on two more! XD I love anime... 
Oh well. I only have one follower... which is my mom. :I This blog isn't successful at all!~ But I still love writing on it! :D 

Bye Bye!~,


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